Collection: Moe Cason Signature Series

Handmade by passionate craftsmen with decades of experience, Route 83 knives were created on a scale suitable for industrial kitchens and barbeque pits across the world, with the modern chef in mind.

We left the manufactured, mass-produced look and feel behind to focus on quality and beauty in each individual blade and handle. Every knife we produce is unique, made from the highest quality materials possible.

Through numerous prototypes, we painstakingly worked to develop a proportionate knife with longer handles to fit the hands of chefs everywhere. In the process, we found innovative ways to reduce the weight and lighten the feel of each knife so that wielding it is both powerful and comfortable. Rather than sending our knives to a lab, we sent them to trusted chefs and culinary experts, relying on feedback from professionals who use these tools every day. 

Each handle is unique, made from natural, food-safe wood that absorbs the oils from your hand, developing a look and feel unique to the user. 

 All of the Moe Cason Signature series knives feature handles that are approximately 15% to 20% larger than our regular handles. If you have large handles these knives feel amazing – surprisingly light in weight while the natural wood provides a comfortable and secure grip. All our knives are hand crafted from the finest natural materials. 

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